Annotated Bibliography

Abaunza, Bonnie and Gozan, Wende, Jennifer Lopez to receive Amnesty International’s ‘Artists for Amnesty’ Award for Producing Bordertown. 5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY, 1 February 2007, accessed 2 October 2009, available from

                The author’s main idea is that many young women are needlessly killed in Juarez, Mexico. Jennifer Lopez  stepped in and spread awareness of this tragedy by starring in a movie about the topic, making public service announcements, creating a song inspired by the victims  and she created a bilingual website to promote awareness. The author of this article is the well known world wide Amnesty International. It is their official press release. The point of view of the document is that the murders of these young women are senseless and that they are hopeful that someone like Jennifer Lopez will bring awareness. The information that is not revealed is the specifics of the murders or the outcome of all of the investigations. We will use this source to support her charitable contributions. This source helped us understand that the concerns of Jennifer Lopez are not just in America but world wide.

Activists, ALAS, 2009, accessed 2 October 2009, internet, this site can be accessed from,

                The author doesn’t have a main idea or thesis in on this site. This site is more a reference that Jennifer Lopez was involved in the organization (ALAS, which promotes early childhood development in Latin America). A supportive detail of this is that her name is on the list of activists for the fund. There is no bias or point of view on this site because it is a list of the activist’s names. We will use this source in our project to provide more information that she worked with numerous charities. This source helped us understand our topic because it shows that she has a strong feeling towards the care taking and well being of these children.

Cohen, Sandy, Jennifer Lopez to host LA hospital gala. FOXNEWS, May 14 2008, accessed 29 September 2009; available from,4670,PeopleJenniferLopez,00.html

                The author’s main idea of this article is the reasoning for Lopez contributing to a LA hospital gala and raising money to help sick and injured children. For example she volunteered her time to help with this fundraiser and she came up with the idea to host a concert with all different Latin musicians to raise money for the children.  The main point of view is that Jennifer likes to contribute to charity organizations that help children.  The author does not express an opinion in this article. We will use this site as a reference to one of her many contributions to charity. This source helped us understand our topic because it shows that she is a renaissance person and explain how she gives back to sick children.

Jennifer Lopez (1970-). A&E Television Networks, 2006, 29 September 2009; available from ; internet

                The main topic of this article was the acting and singing career of Jennifer Lopez. Mainly her  highs( for example her debut album went number 1 on the pop charts and at the same time she had the number one movie “The Wedding Planner” in the box office) as a singer and actress but also some low points in her career. For example, her movie Gigli, co-starring Ben Affleck  did poorly. The author was not biased because he or she just states the facts of her career.  The author does not reveal an opinion.  We will use this source to get information about what she did in her career including the highs and lows. This source helped us understand Jennifer Lopez’s life better because it gave us more information about her life that we were not aware of.

Jennifer Lopez BIO. Sony Music Entertainment, 2009, accessed on 2 October 2009; available from ; internet

                The author’s main idea is that she is one of the few artists that have traveled effortlessly from different artistic mediums. She has gone from a box office actress to chart topping singer.  The background of this site does not matter because this is from her own website, which means she edits her own page. Since this is as biography there is no point of view since it just lists facts of her career. The author’s opinion is her own. This site will be used as a key source of stating the dates of her events because she edited it. This article helped us understand she is one of the few Latina artists that have the talent to excel in many things that make her famous, such as singing, acting, and fashion designing.

Jennifer Lopez Biography / Autobiography / Memoir resources, Cambridge, MA,, accessed 5 October 09, internet

                The author’s main idea in this article was focusing on her career but it mainly focused on her dancing career. It also focused on her main achievements in her career. One example is when the author mentions her background dancing for Janet Jackson. The author also mentions hoe she worked very hard to put herself through dance school and classes. There isn’t much of a point of view in this article because it is mainly stating facts about her life, so the point of view isn’t revealed. We will use this source to refer to her dancing career because most of the sites we used talk mostly about her career as a singer and actress not as much as a dancer. This source will help us understand the topic because it gives us more information to work with for her career as singer, actress, and dancer.

Jennifer Lopez’s clothing line Sweetface on hiatus. New York NY, NY Daily News, 29 June 2009, accessed 5 October 2009, , internet

               The main idea is that she is not giving up on her clothing line even though it has been under several labels and reinvented many times. Her JLo brand discontinued production in 2007 and her Sweetface line discontinued production after 6 years in 2009. The author is a writer for a well known newspaper and the newspaper is well respected in the community. There is no bias because the author is stating facts and not giving an opinion. The information not revealed the name of her new label or when it will be released.  We will use this source as a reference to highlight her business skills and creativity. This source helped us understand that she never gives up and always works hard to achieve her goal and dreams.

Lopez, Jennifer. Interview by Diane Sawyer, 22 April 2009, New York, NY. Television interview, available from

               The main thesis of the interview is that Whooping  Cough can be deadly to babies. She states that all adults who care for infants should be vaccinated. She states that it is most often spread to babies by there parents. The authority of Ms Lopez is based on the fact that she has two small children that she wants to protect and she was educated about this topic by medical people so she could make a public service announcement. The key bias is that is that she only knows what she was told about the disease and the vaccine. The information not revealed was that it might have a deadly effect on some people like an allergic reaction. We will use this source as a reference to her cooperation and interest in health care. The source helped us understand our topic because it showed us her motherly side and how she is willing to stand up for what she believes in.

Notable Friends of Funds, New York, New York, Children’s Health Fund, 2009, accessed 2 October, 2009 internet, can be accessed at

                The author’s main idea of this site is to state which celebrities are involved in this organization. One supporting detail is it states that Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities have donated their time to help and support the cause. It also states that their input over the years has been extremely helpful. This article is very unbiased because the author is just telling the celebrities that have contributed and facts about the organization. The author and his or her opinions are not revealed in this article. We will use this source to refer to her charity work and that different ways she has contributed to society. This source will also help us understand our topic because it tell us that she has contributed and been active in charity work and still keeping her career.

Sullivan, Denise, Jennifer Lopez:Biography, msn. Movies, 2009, 5 October 2009, internet             

                The author’s main idea in this article is about all of Jennifer Lopez’s movies; good or bad. For example she talked about her box office hits like Selena, Monster in law, and out of site. It also talked about her failures such as Angel Eyes, and Gigli. The author is not a common one she doesn't have a website but the article states she works for all movie guide. The point of view of this article was to state all of Jennifer Lopez’s movies, the author’s point of view was not revealed. We will use this site to refer to all her movies and how they did in the box office. This source helped us understand the topic because it gave us names of movies that we didn't know she was in like Angle Eyes.

Tracy, Kathleen. Jennifer Lopez. Toronto: ECW Press, 2000
               The author's main idea in this book was to give Jennifer Lopez's life story. She takes you trough many parts of her life on her way to startdom. She tells you were she was born, (Castle Hills, Bronx, NY) to her many relationships up to 2000. The author of this book is very reliable because she sorced ALL of her information from websites, books and people in the back of the book. She also set it up so that her sources were organized by chapter. The point of veiw on this book is to tell Jennifer's life story up untill the year 2000. We will use this book as an imprtant reference to her "Growing Up" page on our site, as well as any other information it can give us about her.

Tracy, Kathleen. Jennifer Lopez a biography. Westport, Connecticut: Green Wood Publishing Group; 2008

               The authors main idea in this book was to give an understandable biography for anyone to read. She gives a detailed biography on Jennifer Lopez from her favorite movie being West Side Story  to her general life living in the Bronx. The author is very reliable because she is already a well-know author of many Hollywood biographies. The point of view of this book is a detailed biography that details the ups and downs in the life of Jennifer Lopez. We will use this book to help us put information in her "Personal Life" page.