Picture from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gisele13/1937578934/

Music and Dancing

            Jennifer worked hard to put herself through dance school and eventually gained fame with her dancing skills. Jennifer began her dancing career as a "Fly Girl" on the comedy television series In Living Color which was produced by the Damen Brothers. After her time on this show, she was given a contract to tour with Janet Jackson as a dancer and even sang backup vocals for her. Jennifer's musical career began to take off when she released her debut album "On the 6". The album went platinum within two weeks thanks to the hit single "If You Had My Love". Her next album "J.Lo" reached number one on the pop charts. She recently released her sixth studio album in 2007 called Brave. She performs in both Spanish and English launguages. Her albums have sold over 35 million copies worldwide.

This clip is Jennifer Lopez singing and danceing to one of her highly known songs "Get Right"