(To veiw only the commercial about whooping cough that she starred in, fast forward to the 25 second mark)

Charity and Raising Awareness

         Over her many years of fame, Jennifer Lopez has contributed to many public service and charity cases. She has taken part in Amnesty International, ALAS, Children’s Health Fund, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, DKMS, Los Angeles Free Clinic, Love Our Children USA and MusiCares.

Amnesty international
 This is an organization that focuses on humanity and human rights around the world. In 2007, Jennifer Lopez made a movie called Bordertown to raise awareness about women who were being killed in Juarez, Mexico.  She received an award at the Berlin Film Festival for her work as both star and producer of this film. Over 400 women were killed needlessly and the investigations into these murders were sloppy and delayed. Jennifer Lopez stepped in and spread awareness about this tragedy with her movie as well a song inspired by the victims, a bilingual website which includes reports, documentary footage, testimonials, online chats and contact information.


ALAS ActivistShe is involved with ALAS which is a program that works to promote early childhood development in Latin America.  Jennifer’s part in this organization has mainly been as an activist to help raise awareness about the fund and the organization. She has participated in many concerts that helped to raise both money and awareness of this child related charity.

Hosting Gala for LA Children’s Hospital- After giving birth to her twin babies she conitnues to look for more ways to give back. She is especially drawn toward children's charities. Jennifer Lopez takes part in Noche de Ninos Gala - or "night of the children". This Gala benifits hospital employees and patients at the Childrens Hospital Los Angleles. She is one of many who performs as well as Marc Anthony, Alejandro Sanz and Latin rockers Juanes and Mana.  

Children’s Health Fund-Founded in the late 1980s, this is a mobile van program that gives health sevices and education to underserved children in disadvantaged rural and urban communities. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are both very involved with this organization and make appearances to raise awareness for the cause.